Monday, April 20, 2009

Peas & Broccoli!

Today, my grandma had me go out to the garden to pick some peas. I ventured out in my pajamas in the 100˚degree weather we have today, which is absolutely disgusting, by the way. Anyway, she came out a bit later to start picking the broccoli and helped me get some peas I missed. I've yet to try the peas except for popping open the pod and eating them in the garden, but the broccoli was so so so delicious just steamed, then buttered then sprinkled with salt and pepper. It was sweet and far better than any of the broccoli I've eaten ever. I'm half-tempted to even try eating it raw and I normally hate raw broccoli. Anywho, I remembered to take some pictures while I was outside and figured I'd post them here. I also have some lemon-lime-strawberry creamsicles in the freezer waiting to be taste-tested, so there I'll be sure to post about those soon. And hopefully I'll get my act together and remember to bring a half-decent camera over so you don't have to look at my bogus 1.3 megapixel sidekick pictures.

stripped broccoli plants

tasty tasty peas

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The Durstelers said...

Yummy! That broccoli sounds SO amazing!