Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Key Lime Pie Dream Ice Cream [sans pictures]

There’s something you should know about me…

I get ridiculously excited over cooking up something new. Excited to the point where I think about it constantly and it’s almost all I can talk about. It’s a miracle I still have friends and family speaking to me at this point.

A while back, my grandma acquired some mysterious lemon-looking things that were labelled as limes. I asked about them, but seeing as she didn’t know anything about them I set out on an Internet quest to find out what they were. It turns out that they were fully ripe key limes. I for one was beyond excited and got to recipe hunting to see what I could make with them. My sister recommended key lime pie, but I wanted something different.

Something else you should know about me…I don’t particularly like citrus flavoured things. Orange juice is one of my favourites, but I can’t honestly say I like anything lemony or limey unless it’s Skittles or gummy bears (and believe me, when I realized I liked those Skittles, I thought I was turning over a new leaf.)

Anyway, on my hunt I came across a recipe for Key Lime Pie Dream Ice Cream and it struck me as perfect. I proceeded to ask around to see if people would actually eat it if I made it and everyone seemed willing to give it a try. If anything, I have a couple friends who are crazy about citrus-y stuff and would be more than willing to take it off my hands.

I followed the recipe exactly except I used half heavy cream and half low fat coconut milk instead of regular old half and half hoping I could get a coconutty undertone. The flavour from the milk wasn’t strong enough so I think next time (yes, next time. In the near future, I assure you) I’ll use half coconut cream and half coconut milk and hopefully that’ll do the trick. Oh, and I didn't use any ginger, limoncello, or lime zest but it turned out lovely anyway. Very rich and almost too sweet, a couple small scoops are more than enough to satisfy any sweet craving you have going on.

Sorry for the lack of photographic evidence. The only camera I usually have on me is my ultralame sidekick camera. So I promise the next time I make this, I’ll be sure to take plenty of pictures. I've got a few other frozen sweetstuffs stashed in the freezer I'll be sure to take pictures of and post about in the next few days.